In 2017, data is everything.  Customers are demanding more and more insight as to how their end users are interacting with our support department. How many tickets are being opened?  What is the average resolution time?  Which technician is working on which ticket?  Often times, it is important to report on just how many times a particular individual is calling in over the weekend, or at one o’clock in the morning.

With our new customer portal, Business Owners, IT Managers and CIOs gain valuable insight into how their organization utilizes our support resources.  In addition, more complex tasks can be tracked in real time such as migration projects, equipment shipping and infrastructure builds.

On the end user side, once an account is created, new work orders, projects and tickets can also be created by logging onto the customer portal, or the old fashioned way, by simply emailing support at: [email protected]

The new portal also powers our ticketing system as well.  Existing customers will now notice a new, “more polished” look and feel to their tickets when interacting with their support team.

To begin using the new portal, simply locate the RESOURCES tab on the top the Cloudstar homepage, and then click CUSTOMER PORTAL.  If you have any questions, or need an account, please call us at 800-340-5780.  We are always happy to help.