Supervisors, Managers, Owners and Stakeholders often times wants to know what a particular employee is doing on their computer all day. Traditionally, that hasn’t been to hard to ascertain because the technology for recording desktop users sessions has been around for quite some time now. In the hosted desktop environment, that’s another story.

Companies who host their desktops in the cloud, or perhaps just some applications still need insight and intelligence as to how their employees use those resources.  Sometimes, to put it bluntly, the need to simply monitor what a potential bad egg is doing in the hosted environment.  Cloudstar has just enabled Citrix session recording to solve this problem.  At management’s request, Cloudstar can record a particular employee’s entire day, week, or month of work activity and store these video movie files in a convenient location accessible to only approved management personnel. This data is useful in quality assurance training, workflow training, and also for HR departments.

Ask your sales rep how to enable Citrix session recording should your operation have a need for this functionality.