Replicate entire server images, or just critical files, to Cloudstar’s new underground servers housed in an ex-government facility hardened against EMP and Nuclear blast. The decision comes upon heightened alert due to North Korea’s most recent threats. Clients are demanding ways to “data vault” mission critical files in the event of a nationwide power grid outage, solar flare, Carrington Event, nuclear war, or high altitude Electromagnetic Pulse which threatens to destroy electronics and electronic data storage media.

The new service, coming soon, addresses these concerns by leasing space in an ex-government cold-war error communications bunker located deep underground in rural America.  The facility is hardened against EMP by being 100% surrounded by continuous welded steel, with all that’s needed to ensure continuous operation, included generators, and life support systems, also being located 100% underground inside the nuclear blast proof facility.

This option will come at a premium but will no doubt provide peace of mind to those that wish to stay in business post nuclear apocalypse.