Jacksonville, Florida, April 3, 2019New York Mortgage Expo, the Empire State’s premier conference, bringing together hundreds of mortgage loan originators announces Roland DuBeau of Mortgage Phish as opening session speaker.

Roland DuBeau, will headline the event, to be held Wednesday, April 24, 2019 in White Plains, NY, is the Lead Security Analyst at Mortgage Phish.

Roland has over 20 years’ experience in technology and security, working with multiple Global Fortune 500 accounts. Roland’s expertise resides in the areas of: Analysis, design and architecture of Mid-Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions (SIEM/SOC, MFA/SSO,IPS, UTM, End-Point) and Analysis, design and architecture of Mid-Enterprise Cloud Solutions (IaaS,DRaaS, BaaS and DaaS).

“We couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to speak at the NY Mortgage Expo during the Opening Session in a time where security is has never been more important in the Mortgage Industry” – said Roland DuBeau.

The Opening Session will provide insight on the “what will you do when you’ve been phished”. Roland will discuss what Mortgage Professionals can do to avoid lawsuits, headaches and loss of reputation and how to protect your organization while empowering your people.


Mortgage Phish, a Cloudstar Company

With FBI statistics pointing to 2017 losses at over 1 Billion dollars, and 95% of all successful cyber-attacks caused by human error, Cloudstar decided to address this problem head-on through a new product called Mortgage Phish.

The Mortgage Phish system sends custom tailored phishing emails to all parties in the real estate transaction, then monitors the results.

With the advanced reporting offered by Mortgage Phish, Mortgage Professionals can quickly identify employees that click on harmless simulated phishing emails and text messages, then quickly target those individuals for online cyber-security training, which the system also provides.

What makes Mortgage Phish unique is the quality and content of the email phishing and mock cyber-attacks. Leveraging Cloudstar’s long standing industry knowledge, the emails, text messages, and corresponding online training are custom tailored specifically for the company purchasing the service.

“It’s as real as it gets.”, stated Roland DuBeau when asked how the simulated phishing emails stack up to emails from real cyber criminals. “The difference”, Roland added, “is that we’re the good guys, and we’re here to train those working on the front lines; those in charge of protecting the homebuyer’s hard-earned money.”

The results are clear. Mortgage Phish produces trained and aware individuals who are the first line of defense against wire fraud, cyber-attacks and ransomware.



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