Cloudstar is closely monitoring the evolution of the Coronavirus situation and staying advised on updates as provided by the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organisation.

We are regularly updating staff as the situation unfolds along with the necessary precautions to take. In addition to working with staff, we are also coordinating procedures with critical partners and data centers.

As per our pandemic policy, our corporate and satellite offices have been outfitted and stocked with all of the necessary supplies- from pandemic basics such as masks, gloves, sanitizers, cleaning supplies, disinfectant and gloves to additional stocks of regular supplies that may run short due to supply chain interruptions: IE office supplies, cables, hard drives, server equipment, and backups components for critical infrastructure.

If required, all Cloudstar employees are equipped, trained, and able to work from home via remote access technology, VoIP telephony, and collaboration tools.

Cloudstar will update this post as new information becomes available and as new developments unfold.