Cloudstar, a leader in legal technology, and legal application hosting continues to look for new ways to help clients.

Later this year, Apple will start switching its Macs to its own ARM-based processors, but you won’t be able to run Windows in Boot Camp mode on them. This will present problems to many law offices. Microsoft only licenses Windows 10 on ARM to PC makers to pre-install on new hardware, and the company hasn’t made copies of the operating system available for anyone to license or freely install.  This leads to challenges to many Mac based law firms- specifically those who prefer to run ProDoc locally via Windows dual boot, or via Parallels.  ProDoc is a document drafting system that helps lawyers and legal professionals save valuable time by decreasing paperwork and increasing accuracy.

Cloudstar has solved this problem for our legal client base in our Citrix-based AND our HTML5 based compliant legal cloud.

Via hosted desktop, or published app, lawfirms can quickly and easily run ProDoc as if the application was naively installed on ANY apple device-  iPad, iPhone, Intel Macbook, or ARM Macbook (even Google devices such as Android and Chromebook).

Please contact us for additional information about ProDoc hosting, or how Cloudstar helps law firms embrace the latest in legal technology.

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