Status Update:  Maintenance Completed Successfully

Ticket Number:  3829021
Location: Santa Clara, CA Data Center


Start Date: Saturday 11-7-20 2:00 pm Pacific Time
End Date: Saturday 11-7-20 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Pacific Time
Work Window: 4-6 Hours


Status: Scheduled
Risk: Low
Maintenance Type: Warranty Drive Replacement & Emergency Controller Firmware Upgrade


Reason for Work: Storage Stabilization.


Description: Cloudstar engineers will be working hand-in-hand with Dell / EMC Mission Critical Pro Support to perform warranty drive replacements on a currently off-line storage array in addition to performing critical in-line updates.

Dell / EMC has identified several issues found within both Dell / EMC’s hardware and storage controller firmware that may lead to instability and will be performing an in-line warranty upgrade of both storage and storage controller firmware.

Best practices mandate minimal disk I/O so as to ensure a smooth upgrade. At the request of Dell / EMC Pro Support, customer virtual machines will be powered off during this process. The procedure will be carried out after verifying all customer backups are current and correct, and will be performed remotely by Dell / EMC Pro Support Engineers. Standby Engineers will be onsite, at the data center, with serial connections to the controllers, and remote access provided to Dell in the event a contingency restoration of controller firmware is required.

A post upgrade review of log files will be conducted by Dell / EMC Pro Support so as to ensure a successful in-line warranty upgrade at which time customer VM’s will be brought back online. Cloudstar customer services representatives will notify customers that it is then safe to return to normal operations.

Status updates will be posted online throughout the duration of the project as they become available.

NOTE: Cloudstar maintenance policies, parts availability, and end-of-month blackout procedures prohibit our engineering team from conducting this maintenance any sooner than it is currently scheduled.  Please be advised that there is no immediate threat to the environment; however, Dell / EMC advises that this maintenance be performed as soon as possible.  This equipment is currently under their management, and as the manufacturer, we defer to their professional guidance, expertise, and direction.