Cloudstar is pleased to announce additional dedicated EMC, All Flash, Unity Private Cloud Storage. This capacity increase will provide additional self-encrypting storage for our financial services and health care clients who are in need of meeting certain applicable regulatory compliance requirements such as HIPAA.

The demand has never been higher. With data security concerns at an all-time high, it is no surprise companies continue to place a premium on ensuring sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access. Whether it is due to internal policies or external compliance, securing data continues to be a high priority for organizations of all sizes. The additional EMC storage systems acquired by Cloudstar address these concerns through controller-based Data at Rest Encryption ([email protected]), which encrypts stored data as it is written to disk. This provides yet another layer to protect against unauthorized access by rendering the drive unreadable without the encryption key. In addition to peace of mind, [email protected] offers additional benefits including regulatory compliance, secure decommissioning, and the possibility to eliminate the need for
physical drive shredding.

Customers have the option of purchasing storage allocations on dedicated EMC Unity hardware, or shared hardware available in a wide variety of configurations, and drive array options.

Contact your Cloudstar sales representative for more information.