Jacksonville, FL March 17 2021 – Cloudstar is pleased to announce the addition of two additional data centers for the purpose of providing real-time fail-over options to its customers.  The data centers, located in both Phoenix, Arizona and Atlanta, Georgia were selected for their geographic locations, and proximity to high speed fiber routes.

Cloudstar, a Zerto Service Provider (ZSP), offers customers the ability to replicate files, virtual machines, and workloads in real time.  In the event of a service disruption, the customer’s entire server infrastructure can be instantly transferred to an backup data center facility in minutes, with near zero data loss said Gregory McDonald, CEO of Cloudstar.

Because Zerto is a continuous data protection (CDP) solution which continuously journals all changes, customers can restore an entire environment to virtually any point in time – instantly.  Customers now enjoy the flexibility to choose their backup data center location from any of the following six states – California, Arizona, Georgia, Colorado, Florida, and New Jersey.

“Working hand-in-hand with our customers to develop a comprehensive cyber-security & disaster recovery plan to meet or exceed regulatory guidelines is what we do best.” said Christopher Cury, EVP of Customer Experience.  “The more our customers view the relationship as a partnership, or an extension of their team, the better the results”.

While nobody wants to think about downtime, ransomware, regional Internet outages, DDoS attacks, data corruption and state sponsored cyber-crime remain the top reasons for unplanned downtime. Cloudstar remains committed to helping its customers embrace these challenges and plan for the unexpected.

About Cloudstar

Cloudstar is an emerging leader in financial services technology, with a focus on mortgage origination, title insurance, real estate, consumer banking, law, risk & compliance, consulting and outsourcing solutions. Through the breadth of our solutions portfolio, and our subsidiary companies MortgagePhish, Cloud Bunny & Teletonix Communications, Cloudstar delivers a wide variety of solutions to thousands of customers located throughout the United States and emerging global markets.

Our Core services include colocation, public & private cloud, containerization, virtualization, cyber security, SIEM, IT resiliency, telecommunications, application integration, industry specific business development and workflow consulting.

Cloudstar continually strives to make customer service our number one focus being mindful that our success depends on the success of our customers. We take information security very seriously, never losing sight of our obligations to protect and secure the confidential assets of our clients and their customers.

Partner with Cloudstar to take your organization to the next level.