Isolate Malicious Traffic. Protect Infrastructure Performance.

Cloudstar DDoS protection guards against volumetric, protocol, and application attacks through a numbers of methods. Until now, this protection was only available at select datacenters though our 100% managed offering at DDoS protection levels up to 15GB. Cloudstar is pleased to announce the addition of private, client managed, or private Cloudstar managed F5 appliances at all Cloudstar data centers.  With the combination of DDoS Monitoring and DDoS Mitigation, customers will not only be aware of any attacks, Cloudstar will automatically commence DDoS mitigation within 30 minutes or sooner of an attack.

Key financial benefits include low monthly rental, with no CAPEX requirements, no equipment purchase, maintenance or upgrade charges.  Cloudstar also offers in-house financing for those looking to purchase private dedicated hardware.

For organizations looking to mitigate prior to the edge, and at higher levels, carrier-based BGP flowspec DDoS mitigation is also available through select Internet Services Providers.

For additional information about Cloudstar DDoS protection, please click HERE.