Cloudstar is pleased to extend a free trial offer to all new and existing SoftPro, RamQuest, ResWare and Title Express Cloud customers.  The trial provides 30 days of our integrated Citrix Netscaler Secure Gateway multi-factor authentication solution to help our customers further secure their hosted cloud environments.

The two factor, or multi-factor solution is based on a rolling, one time use pass code which is entered, in combination with the user’s password, to authenticate the user into the secure hosted SoftPro, RamQuest, ResWare or TSS Cloud environment.  Multi-factor authentication enhances security, and helps meet certain regulatory compliance requirements.

Cloudstar supports both physical hardware tokens which can be branded with the customers logo, in addition to PIN protected physical tokens.  For ease of use, Cloudstar also supports a wide variety of soft tokens such as Google Authenticator.

For additional information, please contact your sales representative, or call 800-340-5780 and dial option 1 for sales or visit our identity and authentication page HERE.