Cloudstar is pleased to announce that we are currently in the final phases of wrapping up the data recovery portion of this project.

Customers with questions pertaining to this incident are encouraged to call Cloudstar at 800-340-5780 and ask to speak with Greg Petrow, Directory of Operations, or leave a detailed message with support.

Cloudstar has retained two law firms to assist with any legal questions you may have pertaining to the ransomware incident- depending on your questions, our team will be happy to route your concerns to the appropriate law firm.

Customers looking for new service quotes, seeking to restore services, or looking for help managing cloud providers such as Google, Amazon AWS or Azure, please call us at 800-340-5780 for assistance- we’re here to help with honest and fair prices.

Lead times for new onboarding are 1-2 weeks for Cloud and 72 hours for email migrations.

Cloudstar is currently helping customers establish new service on Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS for a one time $ 750.00 setup fee, inclusive of data migration and full private infrastructure buildout in an account of the customer’s choosing, in the customer’s name, and under the customer’s control.  These accounts include the ability for customers to view and control backups– and download backup copies to their own offices to store offline.

Private Cloud services are also available within the Cloudstar environment.

We appreciate all of our loyal customers- the growing number who have left and recently returned, and those that continue to sign up daily for new service–  we thank you for your patience and are grateful for your continued support.


The Cloudstar Team