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It is often said that there is no substitute for experience. We can attest to that sentiment. Our team is hand selected from the most capable and knowledable cloud consultants, engineers, and support techs to deliver a best-in-class experience for our customers.

Developing Robust Cloud Environments

At the intersection of experienced talent and innovative technologies lives Cloudstar. Migrating your business processes, workflows, and software to the cloud can be cumbersome and complex. However, companies who leverage our unique hand picked talent can enjoy a bespoke cloud experience tailored to the unique technical requirements of their software deployment. You’re invited to challenge us. Send us your hosting project and let us craft a robust solution to take your business to the cloud.

Years Experience

Happy Customers

Originally conceived in 2010 by Gregory McDonald, Cloudstar has grown to cultivate a peer-recognized team of professionals who deliver reliable results for our customers. As a pioneer in encrypted email, cloud hosting, and security products including phishing training, two-factor authentication, and unique data integrity strategies, Cloudstar is always looking forward to the next opportunity to leverage technology for our customers. Today, we are combining over 100 years of industry experience to create a hosting solution that is smooth, smart, and reliably available for the thousands of business’ across the United States who rely on us to keep their workforce producing. How can we help you create your office in the cloud?

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Say hello and tell us about yourself. Then you are invited to sit back, and relax as our team of consultants gets to work crafting a custom proposal designed for your business. Get started today with a simple, “hello.”