Cloud Migrations Made Easy

No matter how good it is, server hardware eventually becomes obsolete.  With nearly all organizations evaluating cloud options, it’s only a matter of time before the cloud migration discussion begins.

For some, this can be a frightening proposition, and the answer is to do nothing while their existing server environment decays and becomes even more unstable.  The organization suffers further losses in productivity due to unreliable hardware, and it’s only a matter of time before the inevitable.

Cloudstar makes your path to the cloud easy. Be proactive and migrate to the cloud.  Eliminate the need for some or all of your onsite hardware and associated maintenance costs.

The Cloudstar migration team has years of experience migrating not only complex environments, but the applications you use most such as nearly all Title Insurance and Legal software.  Our process involves nearly zero downtime and begins with an assessment of your current environment.  For larger clients, we will work towards obtaining a “seed” hard drive wherein the bulk of your data is sent to one of our data centers for faster import, and then a differential copy is performed prior to final cut over.

In other cases, our engineers will perform the migration entirely over the Internet keeping your onsite systems in constant synchronization with your new cloud servers until the point of cut over ensuring a smooth, and painless transition.