Cloudstar is a multi-national provider of virtual desktop hosting, hosted software and applications, custom tailored IT infrastructure design, email encryption, managed services, IT security, and consulting to Regulated Industries across the United States, Canada, and South America. 

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At Cloudstar, we believe first and foremost in the principle of partnership.  We seek clients with an active, passionate, and vested interest in taking their organizations to the next level by partnering with Cloudstar for our people, process, technology and infrastructure.

If your company is in the Real Estate, Land Title, Legal, Insurance, Financial Services, Petrochemical or Oil & Gas industries, our team of experts would like to learn more about your organization and how Cloudstar can help.

Every service Cloudstar offers is designed to increase your organization’s productivity, up-time, business continuity, reliability, cyber-security, and profitability.

Cloudstar started in 2009 as Cloudstar Consulting Corporation and was created to meet the unique needs of the land title industry. As the company grew from a consulting and IT infrastructure design firm, Cloudstar Consulting Corporation re-branded as simply “Cloudstar”, a DBA of the newly formed holdings company, Keystone Management Group, LLC. In 2014, Cloudstar purchased a 50% interest in U.S. Telecommunications firm, Teletonix Communications in addition to adding Diologix, an electronic medical records encryption company and Notary Transfer to its portfolio of brands. As of 2017, Cloudstar has expanded to provide services to the entirety of the United States, Canada and Mexico with offices in three states and privately held infrastructure co-located at five U.S data centers.  In 2019, Cloudstar added Mortgage Phish and CloudBunny to the it’s list of holdings.

Today, Cloudstar services the needs of tens of thousands of end users from small firms to publicly traded companies.


To simplify technology for regulated industries and to ensure data security, up time and customer service in every step we take.


To be the Number One service provider for Land Title Agents, Law Firms, Mortgage Lenders, Real Estate Entities, and Government Agencies.


Gregory McDonald

Chairman of the Board

Gregory G. McDonald is Chairman of the Board of Keystone Management Group, LLC the company that owns Cloudstar. Mr. McDonald’s also serves as a senior advisor to the various Cloudstar brands, providing strategic direction and evaluating acquisitions.

Prior to founding the various Cloudstar companies, Mr. McDonald co-founded McDonald Balanabian & Associates, a technology consulting company providing IT consulting to the title insurance industry, including underwriters and agents. Mr. McDonald also founded the software company Internet Documents, one of the first online portal systems used to track and facilitate commercial title insurance transactions.

Mr. McDonald volunteers his time as an active committee member on multiple industry committees and boards and brings over 25 years of leadership experience to the Cloudstar family of companies.

Christopher Cury


Christopher Cury serves as President of Cloudstar and is responsible for the strategic leadership of the company, including the management of sales, compliance and operations. Christopher holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Salve Regina University in Newport, RI. Prior to joining Cloudstar Christopher worked in variety of different verticals including retail operations and contact center management.

Cheryl Swopes


Cheryl Swopes serves as Cloudstar’s Chief Financial Officer overseeing the general operation of the company while managing the data center, technical support, and technology implementation teams.  Cheryl holds a BS in IDS from Michigan State University and an MA Ed. in administration and organizational leadership.  Prior to joining Cloudstar, Cheryl specialized in online, internet based education having taught classes, and contributed to curriculum, for the Florida Virtual Online School System.

Greg Petrow

Greg Petrow

Director of Operations

Greg’s primary roles and responsibilities will include:  managing all hands-on operational aspects of the company, assisting the sales department in the successful growth of the company; and providing the leadership, management, and vision necessary to ensure Cloudstar’s financial strength and operating efficiency. Special emphasis will be placed on ensuring that Cloudstar continues to deliver the very best in customer service.

Greg has a distinguished leadership record, having led teams that developed a highly successful Upper Court Judgement / Lien Search Company, managed the development of multiple web-based applications, overseen and performed business valuations for tax and litigation purposes, as well as managing the day to day operations of a VC, hedge fund and global investment firm.

Greg earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics from Case Western Reserve University and was an active member of Zeta Beta Tau.

dolores diosDolores Dios

Director of Title Insurance Operations

Forty five years ago, at the age of just twenty-three years, old Dolores Dios entered the world of Title Searching.  As the daughter of a Superior Court Judge she was in and out of the courthouses her whole life; but now she was approaching those old stone buildings in an entirely different way; she was determined to make her life working inside the dusty deed vaults that are hidden behind those old stone walls and began learning the in’s and out’s of title searching.

Dolores went on to start multiple business both inside and outside of the land title industry.  From spending 35 year running a successful abstracting company to spending multiple years as an independent residential and commercial real estate investor, Dolores brings a wealth of leadership knowledge to Cloudstar.

Roland DuBeau

Roland DuBeau

President – MortgagePhish

Roland DuBeau serves as President of Cloudstar’s subsidiary company, MortgagePhish.

Prior to working with Cloudstar, Roland was Director of Product Engineering at the Scarlet Group, and Territory Account Manager at Sun Microsystems.  Roland volunteers on the Texas Land Title Association Cyber Security Committee, and holds Zerto ZCP, ZCA and VMWare VCSi Certifications

Nancy AllenNancy Allen

Director of Consulting Services

Throughout her 15+ year career, Nancy has worked across a wide range of industries from real estate title and settlement and mortgage default, to FinTech, Big Data, and blockchain technology. Nancy is a versatile leader and strategic thinker with the ability to quickly analyze organizational strengths and weaknesses and implement innovative solutions. Her core strength is her ability to analyze data, align technology with business, and empower organizations and thought leaders to differentiate themselves and drive measurable results.

Nancy is a strategic business consultant specializing in continuous process improvement, data analysis and management, product and project management, and implementation. She also serves as a subject matter expert in the mortgage industry as well as a client liaison. Prior to her consultancy role, she was the Senior Vice President of Operations at Oversite Data Services, LLC., where she was instrumental in developing a docket-based legal compliance and management solution recognized by HousingWire as one of the most innovative technologies in the U.S. housing economy. Before this, Nancy was the Director of Operations at Albertelli Law, a full-service real estate law firm, where she devised and implemented strategic planning that transformed the case management system, and significantly decreased labor costs, while effectuating monumental increases in quality, timelines, and production.

Nancy graduated Summa Cum Laude from Florida International University, obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Finance, and is currently an MBA candidate, specializing in Business Data Analytics. She holds Six Sigma Champion and Lean Black Belt certifications and has a distinguished record for successfully analyzing critical business needs, identifying deficiencies and opportunities, and developing innovative and cost-effective solutions to accelerate growth and drive performance. Nancy is an incredible talent with the experience and ability to make an immediate impact on any operation.


Sometimes we’re asked, “what sets Cloudstar apart”? The answer is simple. We know your industry, we know your software, and you benefit from the power of a dedicated team of experts assigned to your account with a single point of contact. This ensures your project is completed fast, properly and on time.

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