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Why Cloudstar?

Cloudstar is recognized across the industry for exceptional up-time, specialized experts and 24x7x365, results-obsessed customer service. And we extend this commitment to excellent service to our world-class data centers and our industry-leading SLAs.

Our highly trained engineers monitor our systems around the clock, constantly overseeing the security and up-time of our infrastructure. To create a highly resilient environment for your business-critical apps and data, we’ve built in multiple layers of redundancy. Our physical security, power, cooling and networks are each at least N+1 redundant.

This is why our customers view us as their trusted technology partner.  View first hand how our customers utilize our services to grow their organizations.

Physical Security

Every Cloudstar data center provides the ultimate in physical security featuring 24x7x365 on-site guards, monitored CCTV video surveillance, perimeter fencing, anti-tailgating man traps, and two factor badge and biometric authentication.


Cloudstar provides redundant network connections to all data center resources.  Both BGP blended circuits and divers carriers provide for both fast and secure connectivity with built-in redundancy.


100% redundant power is provided by, two separate electrical power systems.  Uninterruptible provide against power outages and protect against sags, and surges while dual diesel generators maintain redundant power in the event of a service interruption.


Redundant N+1 and N+2 HVAC systems are designed for on demand data center cooling and are designed for immediate fail over. Cooling systems are monitored 24x7x365.

Simplicity is Beautiful.


Cloudstar combines all of the components necessary into one solution and one invoice.  Network, Servers, Security, Software Licensing, Engineering & Support.


Why settle for less?

24x7 Support

Cloudstar stands behind our systems, and we stand behind you. Our team is ready to assist, 24x7x365.  From smart hands, managed cloud, managed collocation, to managed firewall and network services, you can depend on Cloudstar to keep your company online 100% percent of the time.  Our goal is to resolve your service request on your first call.

Managed Colocation

Offload your on-site servers to data center professionals.  Remote Hands Services provide customers with experienced, on-site personnel to provide maintenance, installation and assistance with equipment. Co-locate your equipment with Cloudstar. Flexible options include “Per U” collocation, single  cabinets, and private cages.

Managed Firewall

Cloudstar can provide robust security protection for both cloud-based and co-located server infrastructure.  Delivering years of security and network managing experience, our team can manage any model.  From “bring your own firewall” to leased managed devices from Cisco, Fortigate, SonicWall and more.

Managed Cloud

Security, Compliance and Performance are the first reasons clients choose Cloudstar; however, not all cloud providers are the same.  Cloudstar delivers you the end working product with nothing left to configure or build.  With dedicated private cloud servers, our clients enjoy the ability to customize their environments as necessary and our 24×7 expert support team is here to assist.

Location Is Everything

More Than Six ISO 27001 Compliant Data Centers & Offices Nationwide
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