Volumetric, Protocol and Application

Isolate Malicious Traffic. Protect Infrastructure Performance.

DDoS attacks attempt to paralyze systems, devices and network by overwhelming them with bogus traffic. Managed DDoS Mitigation service protects against volume-based and stealth-based DDoS attacks by actively monitoring and analyzing the flow of traffic to customer infrastructure, and isolating any malicious traffic to prevent it from impacting performance. We establish baseline statistics that create a traffic profile of normal day-to-day networking activity. The custom traffic profile then provides us with actionable intelligence that we use to create a unique mitigation plan. When a DDoS attack happens, we receive the alert and instantly begin to execute this plan, and simultaneously contact the customer with an attack alert. We then commence mitigation and follow up with a detailed report of the traffic analytics once the attack has been resolved.


Cloudstar Managed DDoS Mitigation service analyzes, detects and addresses advanced threats to ensure service availability and improve network performance.

Benefits of Managed Appliance DDoS Mitigation

Service Guarantee
24×7 proactive monitoring to catch high‐volume flood attacks as soon as they begin.

Fully Managed
Housed in our secure data centers, so there’s no hardware or software required within your environment.

Burstable Scale
Flexibility to handle large‐volume DDoS attacks of up to 15Gps.

The average cost of a DDoS attack is $20,000 – $40,000 per hour.

— Source: Cox Blue

Benefits of Carrier Based DDoS Mitigation

DDoS mitigation directly on the world’s best-connected Internet backbones, ensuring scalable and continuous, host-level protection against DDoS attacks.

Prevent Attacks On Your Infrastructure
Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks aim to disrupt organizations by targeting their websites and servers. Using botnets, attackers overwhelm organizations with fake traffic, making websites and services unavailable to legitimate users. The results can be both financially and reputationally damaging for organizations.

Technical Highlights
We provide mitigation against these evolving attack vectors:


via the following model.

1) Tier-1 Malicious Ingress Traffic Marking and Policing
2) Tier-2 RTBH Technique
3) Tier-3 ACL Port Level Service
4) Tier-4 DDoS Protection

Always On Mitigation
Our DDoS mitigation service provides an ideal layer of protection by continually monitoring all potential threats across our backbone infrastructure that could jeopardize service availability and business operations for us and our customers.

Fine-Grained Traffic Control On The Backbone
We use BGP flowspec as a granular mechanism that enhances our existing DDoS mitigation technologies. BGP flowspec enables the faster exchange of information with Internet routers and our DDoS mitigation platform.

Sophisticated Attacks On The Rise
DDoS attacks are growing in frequency and sophistication – and often described as one of the Internet’s most powerful and dangerous weapons. Attackers continuously look for ways to outsmart growing mitigation techniques with more distributed, complex, and powerful attacks.


Mitigation Techniques That Continually Adapt
Cloudstar leverages carrier-grade mitigation technology that intelligently and automatically adapts to variations within every attack but also the ever- changing threat landscape across he global Internet. The mitigation methodology we use is straightforward yet effective. Customer traffic passes through our DDoS mitigation platform for real-time analysis to accurately block attack traffic, while legitimate traffic is free to pass through.