Built To Survive Anything

Our philosophy is simple.  Two is one, and one is none.  The meaning of which is every single component of our company, from servers, to storage, to networks, to data centers, to generators, to UPS equipment, needs to have a live duplicate twin.  We cannot tolerate even one single point of failure.

Everything has been built from the ground up under the principles of High Availability or “HA” so as to achieve a level of redundancy second to none. This also includes maintaining an inventory of spare equipment and parts on hand as well.

Our home office is no exception either. Office space for our headquarters is also located inside a secure data center which requires both key card, digital key, and biometric fingerprint access to enter. The facility is under 24×7 surveillance by onsite guards, and CCTV cameras. The building itself is rated to take a direct hit by a category 5 hurricane, and is backed up by 3 indoor Caterpillar 1.250 MegaWatt diesel generators fed by a 15,000 gallon underground fuel tank and 2 outdoor 2.0 Megawatt generators with internal tanks. The facility is built to be 100% self sufficient inclusive of shower facilities for the employees. We maintain multiple redundant fiber optic Internet connections as well as emergency satellite based communications from this to our New Jersey NOC.

Data Center Availability

Cloudstar protects our customer’s mission critical data through the use of our network of 5 nationwide data centers.  Each data center maintains dual redundant links to each of the other data centers allowing us to move client workloads between facilities to achieve optimal performance.

This geographic diversity offers our customers the distinct advantage of being able to have their servers close to them for speed while their data is backed up to a data center far away for safety. This combination of keeping access local for performance while maintaining a copy of the data far away provides the best of both worlds while enabling additional flexibility to both Cloudstar and their customers.

Cloudstar has data centers in Silicon Valley, Denver, Charlotte, Jacksonville & New York.

Hypervisor Based High Availability

Whether using Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere, virtual cloud servers from Cloudstar provide an additional level of high availability.

In the event of a host failure, HA will automatically migrate virtual machines over to the next available host. This process happens automatically without human intervention and in many cases without anyone losing productivity. Furthermore, the ability to migrate live servers during production hours allows Cloudstar engineers to proactively service host hardware in the event of a maintenance alarm so as to avoid any downtime.

Cloudstar’s design philosophy is to build small manageable clusters we call “pod architecture”. Each pod isolates risk as opposed to building extremely large clusters subject to catastrophic failure.  In the event of an issue with one pod, all of that pods virtual machines can simply be migrated over to another pod leaving that pod free for maintenance.  This is part of Cloudstar’s risk mitigation strategy.

The additional benefits of leveraging vSphere come into play when moving customers between data centers; either through native v motion, or through VEEAM replication. These benefits allow Cloudstar to quickly and easily move customers from one data center to another depending on their specific needs.

Location Is Everything

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