Retail, Credit Unions & Commercial

  • Compliant Cloud and Backend Systems
  • Secure e-Statement Delivery
  • FDIC Compliant DR / BCO
  • Managed Services & Endpoint Protection
  • Policy & Compliance Scanning
  • SIEM / SOC
  • vCIO


Staying on top of financial services technology trends keeps your bank competitive. Using a trusted and cost-effective managed services provider like Cloudstar keeps you profitable. It is our job to keep your business growing, all while adhering to regulatory compliance, risk management and information security.

As a managed services provider, Cloudstar offers secure IT resources that take the complexity out of banking technology, so you can focus on providing customer satisfaction in your day-to-day business transactions.


Managed security services from Cloudstar are designed to protect and defend against cyber security risks by creating secure, compliant IT environments. With malicious cybersecurity threats targeting the financial industry, protecting your customers’ valuable assets and data becomes a 24×7 priority.

Cloudstar recognizes the need to safeguard your financial institution’s integrity and establish peace of mind for your customers for both banks and credit unions.


With Cloudstar managed security services, your information servers, applications, network and security devices are protected by:

  • 24×7 Correlated Log Monitoring and Management
  • 24×7 Threat Mitigation
  • Content Filtering
  • Encryption
  • Endpoint Security
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Phishing Detection and Takedowns
  • Vulnerability Scanning

These service offerings help us enforce industry best practices to protect your critical banking information systems.


At Cloudstar, we know that one size doesn’t fit all in the financial services industry. Your cloud needs may be different from a larger or smaller financial institution in another market. It’s our job to help you develop the program your organization needs for a hybrid or full cloud transition.

Cloustar offers customized solutions and expert service to monitor and maintain systems and security, while providing the 24×7 support you need. Cloudstar can support your transition to the cloud, whether it’s fully outsourced or smaller scale, leveraging our a la carte hosted applications and services, including:

  • Backups / Real Time Data Replication
  • IT Resiliency
  • Email Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam/Threat Protection
  • Email Archiving/Legal Hold
  • Email Encryption/Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Monitoring and Management of IT Systems and Security
  • Secure File Transfer
  • Office 365 by Cloudstar

Whatever strategy meets the needs of your bank, Cloudstar is here to help implement a strategic road map for transitioning to the cloud.

Systems Management

Your financial institution should never experience a lapse in uptime. That’s why Cloudstar offers banking IT Systems solutions. Cloudstar’s managed IT services ensure reliable functionality and on-demand support for your mission-critical applications, systems and networks.

Unlike other providers, Cloudstar delivers an all-inclusive approach to technology management for financial institutions. In addition to IT systems management, maintenance and support, Cloudstar provides critical telecommunication services, allowing you to streamline vendor management. You’ll achieve efficiencies in support and save the headache of dealing with the phone company.

Cloudstar’s comprehensive managed IT services give you access to our NOC—a fully redundant network operations center—as well as our Professional Services—a bench of financial industry technology experts.

As one of the industry’s leading managed IT services providers, we offer these performance advantages:

  • Increased productivity of applications, processes and systems
  • Access to real-time monitoring, alerts and support from network operations center experts 24×7
  • A more strategic IT approach with our certified, experienced professionals

Cloudstar’s IT Systems for banks and credit unions can be customized to your financial institution’s needs.

Virtual CIO

For some financial institutions, hiring a full-time, executive IT role isn’t always possible. Cloudstar’s vCIO services give your bank access to experienced industry professionals with significant bank-related CIO experience.

With vCIO services, we can help make sure your IT strategy supports your institution’s goals.

What is a vCIO?

Cloudstar’s Managed Services’ industry veterans partner with your organization to understand your strategic IT objectives. Our vCIOs use that information to ensure that technology recommendations remain aligned with your financial institution’s overall strategic objectives.

Our vCIO services also provide your organization with a holistic approach to addressing critical issues as well as planning and preparing for future needs.

vCIO services offer:

  • Participation on your IT steering committee to provide strategic guidance, assist with IT budget planning and develop your IT infrastructure road map
  • Assistance in the development and maintenance of your IT strategic plan, definition of IT projects and supervision of strategic banking technology initiatives
  • Examination and IT audit consultation, including how to respond to IT-related questionnaires for third-party and regulatory agencies, third-party IT audit support and consultation to prioritize audit-finding remediation
  • Disaster recovery planning, including consultation for enhancements to disaster recovery testing procedures and assisting with the development of your business continuity planning program

The cost of employing a dedicated CIO in a smaller financial institution can be prohibitive and difficult to justify, but it shouldn’t stop you from seeking the strategic insight you need to strengthen your bank’s technology posture. Find out how vCIO can help your bank or credit union become more competitive, compliant and profitable. Complete our contact request form today.