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  • Organizational Readiness
  • Requirements Assessment and Process Mapping
  • Evaluation and Research
  • Evaluation Matrix Criteria and Process Management
  • Security Audits & Penetration Testing
  • Onsite and Remote Services
  • Procurement and Negotiation support


Cloudstar works with IT organizations, MSPs, service providers, and end clients of all sizes. As organizations move more business-critical assets to the cloud, cloud security consulting services can help to relieve IT teams of the burden of keeping data, applications and infrastructure secure.

As a market-leading provider of SaaS and cloud infrastructure solutions, we offer cloud security consulting that takes the burden off IT teams and enables companies to develop cloud strategy goals, maintain security and enable new business models in cloud computing.

Security Consulting

Enterprise users are adopting cloud applications at a feverish pace, taking advantage of the speed, scalability and savings of everything from cloud storage to cloud-based productivity suites. IT teams can barely keep up with the need to sanction and secure each cloud service, let alone develop overarching initiatives to govern cloud usage, mitigate cloud security threats and ensure cloud security compliance.

The right cloud security consulting company can help by enabling IT teams to offload many of the tasks involved in developing cloud strategy, and planning, building, procuring and running secure cloud programs.

Improved Security Posture

While much has been said for the potential risks of using cloud services, the reality is, many businesses can improve their security posture by adopting cloud services where the security controls and internal governance imposed are far beyond what they are doing in house. We shine the light not only on the risks, but on the tangible benefits of improving your current on-premise services, by moving in to the cloud.

Unbiased & Agnostic Guidance on Solution Choices

Comparing cybersecurity solutions isn’t something to be taken lightly. There are a lot of factors to consider, and one of the biggest hurdle’s companies need to overcome is bias. Every company will spin things to persuade customers that its product is the best choice. Whether investing in something as inconsequential as a pair of sneakers or something as significant an enterprise security solution, companies can face tough choices. In just about every case, teams will spin content so that their solutions are viewed in the most favorable light.  It’s just the way the technology marketing world works.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test, also known as a pen test, is a simulated cyber attack against your computer, network, or cloud computer systems to expose known exploitable vulnerabilities.  In addition to to the technological components, social engineering techniques are used to test your organization’s employees, their level of training, and whether an outside individual could gain information useful toward hacking your company’s network systems.

Programs are available to suit your organization’s specific needs; from one time tests, to yearly subscriptions where ongoing tests are continuously performed at random times.  The results of our tests are submitted to management, owners and stakeholders so as to identify, weaknesses and suggest correct action and remediation.

The Cloudstar Approach

Your individual security requirements are unique, and your solutions should be unique as well. Cloudstar is 100% free to act in the best interest of our clients. We work hard identify the best vendors and solutions, ensuring that your project is successful.