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Does your business handle ‘Protected Health Information (PHI)’? Then, chances are, your business will require HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting solutions. According to security guidelines established by HIPAA, anyone who develops mHealth, eHealth, or wearable applications that deal with Protected Health Information (PHI) — are required to meet national standards for Physical, Administrative, and Technical security of health information.

Meeting your HIPAA compliance requirements is simplified when your systems, operations and PHI are stored in a cloud environment that meets HIPAA compliance guidelines.

Comply With The HIPAA Omnibus Rule and HITECH Act

Secure cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions designed to comply with strict ePHI regulations like the HIPAA Omnibus Rule and HITECH Act.

It Is The Law

You must get your data offsite – as required by the HIPAA Security Final Rule (CFR 164.308(a)(1)

Recover Faster, Lower Costs and Meet the Mandate

Recover systems and applications in less than 15 minutes, meet HIPAA mandates, and lower disaster recovery costs while achieving healthcare data availability. Learn more about our HIPAA compliant recovery solutions HERE.

Multiple Geographically Diverse Datacenters

All-in-one HIPAA compliant cloud backup solutions built to secure your ePHI data across multiple off-site clouds to achieve automatic and continuous data protection.

Get Compliant Today

Whether you are a healthcare provider, administration or a non-healthcare business that deals with patients’ private medical data, your company falls under the complex and aggressively enforced federal HIPAA law.