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Visit Cloudstar At The 2018 First American Underwriting Seminar

Stop by Atlanta Georgia and see the Cloudstar team at the 2018 First American Underwriting Seminar Continuing Educating Event.  The even will be held February 7th, 2017 at the Hyatt Atlanta Perimeter (At Villa Christina) 4000 Summit, Boulevard, Atlanta, GA 30319

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Cloudstar To Exhibit At WFG Compliance Seminar

Join us January 15th at the Comfort Inn Hotel, 2601 Severn Avenue, Metairie, Louisiana for the 2018 Louisiana Compliance Seminar.

This seminar will offer continuing education credits to WFG Louisiana Agents on a variety of subjects including Regulatory and Legal updates, Compliance, Marketing & Sales, and Business Operations.

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Cloudstar Joins Coresite Marketplace

Cloudstar is pleased to announce our addition to the Coresite Marketplace and having joined the ranks of partner companies such as Amazon Web Services, Comcast, Verizon, and other leading infrastructure and telecommunications companies that leverage Coresite facilities. Joining the Coresite ecosystem provides more options to Cloudstar customers in both the east and west coast datacenters while adding additional carrier flexibility, cloud, and colocation options for Cloudstar customers. Coresite represents one of the major datacenter providers that comprises the North American Cloudstar Systems infrastructure.

To learn more about the Coresite Marketplace please click HERE


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How Do You Secure Your Office?

Every day, we hear more and more about data breaches, hacking, and cyber security incidents. We hear the news about malware, viruses, phishing, and the latest ways the “bad guys” want to steal our sensitive information.

But have you given any thought about how you’re protecting that very same information in the physical world? Sure your firewall has audit logs and intrusion detection, but what about your front door… or your back door?

As a service provider, Cloudstar must take all possible measures to protect customer data. To gain access to even the most boring of offices spaces, it takes 3 badge swipes, and bio-metric fingerprint access just to get through our main door. To go any further, all doors are protected with crypto-locks. Every action is logged, and every footstep is on recorded on multiple camera systems. Security is monitored 24×7 because we care about your privacy.


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Cloudstar To Offer EMP & Nuclear Blast Proof Underground Data Protection

Replicate entire server images, or just critical files, to Cloudstar’s new underground servers housed in an ex-government facility hardened against EMP and Nuclear blast. The decision comes upon heightened alert due to North Korea’s most recent threats. Clients are demanding ways to “data vault” mission critical files in the event of a nationwide power grid outage, solar flare, Carrington Event, nuclear war, or high altitude Electromagnetic Pulse which threatens to destroy electronics and electronic data storage media.

The new service, coming soon, addresses these concerns by leasing space in an ex-government cold-war error communications bunker located deep underground in rural America.  The facility is hardened against EMP by being 100% surrounded by continuous welded steel, with all that’s needed to ensure continuous operation, included generators, and life support systems, also being located 100% underground inside the nuclear blast proof facility.

This option will come at a premium but will no doubt provide peace of mind to those that wish to stay in business post nuclear apocalypse.

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Is Your Email Secure? Maybe Not

The American Association of Notaries promotes Cloudstar subsidiary “Notary Transfer” in their latest article found HERE 

“In 2016, over 250 million email accounts were hacked. This should be a cause for concern to notaries when you consider the amount of non-public information our emails contain. A breach of an email account could result in loss of business, damage to reputation, restitution to injured parties and more.”

For more information about Notary Transfer, visit


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Visit Cloudstar at the Indiana Land Title Convention

Stop by and see us at the ILTA National Convention September 20-23, 2017 at the French Lick Resort, French Lick, Indiana.

Andrea, Tom and the Convention Committee Members have planned an outstanding experience for the Convention Attendees of the 2017 ILTA Convention.  There will be a great emphasis on Leadership, Planning for the Future and, of course, FUN AND GAMES!  You will want to create a short-cut on your phone or pad for the ILTA website.  (You can always ask one of your “younger” employees to help you with this.)   This year we are going paperless.  You will be able to review the daily itinerary, make your plans for the dinners and events and follow along with our presenters’ outlines and hand-outs during the meetings.  You will also have the capability of printing this information before the convention if you wish. Mark your calendars to attend and stay tuned for additional information regarding the event.  We hope to see you all there!!

Click HERE for more information.

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Join Us At The First American Underwriting Seminar

Join Cloudstar in Denver, Colorado on 9/12/17 – 9/13/17 at the 6th annual First American National Underwriting Seminar.

First American is hosting an exciting two day seminar with their executive leadership and industry experts as they discuss important topics impacting today’s title industry, including Regulatory Compliance, Bankruptcy and Receivership, and the ever popular Hot Topics.

Cloudstar will onsite exhibiting and to answer your questions about Title Technology, Cloud Hosting, Information Security, and more. Learn more about the event HERE

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Hurricane Irma Preparations

For the past week, our local Operations Team has been monitoring the storm that is currently in the Caribbean and may make its way up the Florida coast next week.  We have performed all of our hurricane preparation procedures and are ready for the rain, high winds, and potential disruption of utility power.  Fuel has been topped off in the generators with fuel vendors on stand-by, if need be.  Emergency staff has been prepped and will be available should the weather reach the Jacksonville area.

Our redundant Operations Center located in New Jersey is also on stand by ready to move server work loads as necessary. All redundant Internet circuits have been tested and satellite based telephone links have been verified between both the northern and southern facilities.

Event updates will be posted on our Critical Updates Blog HERE where customers can stay informed for real time news and alerts.

UPDATE: We are happy to report that no customers experienced any downtime throughout the duration of the hurricane.  All redundant systems operated as expected as did onsite generators.


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Affected By Harvey? We’re Here to Help.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by Hurricane Harvey and we’re working with customers in impacted areas.  If you need help, please call us at 800-340-5780. Cloudstar has waived data import fees and on boarding charges for companies looking for emergency relieve by restoring operations in the Cloud. Our task force is available for those that need quick restoration of services such as SoftPro, RamQuest, ResWare, TitleExpress, Streamline and more in addition to Telephone and Email services.

Please call or write us HERE for assistance.


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