Real Time Server & Data Replication

What is real time server and data replication? This technology copies your entire server environment and all of your data, continuously, 24×7, to a second Cloudstar data center.

If something should happen to your servers or data such as: human error, virus, malware, or if a nuclear bomb takes out the primary data center, you can rest assured that your employees will begin working again in about 10 minutes.

With no lost data, your second data center will initialize in about 5 to 10 minutes; then, users will be able to pick up exactly where they left off. Cloudstar also has the option to “wind back the clock” and restore from points prior to any problems.

Being able to restore your entire company, and run your business from a second standby data center provides the ultimate peace of mind for your business.

Database Replication

Most mission critical data resides in some form of a database. How you protect that database could mean the difference in being in business today, and out of business tomorrow.

Whether leveraging native SQL server replication, scheduled replication, or third-party applications, almost all every client is unique which is why our process begins with a free consultation to discover each client’s exact needs.

Options include onsite replication, and offsite replication to any of our five data centers.  We also support replication to Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure depending on the exact needs of the client.  Solutions are also available for clients looking to store mission critical data outside of the United States.

Microsoft Exchange Replication & High Availability

Society has grown to rely on email like never before.  Clients count on Cloudstar for Microsoft Exchange Hosting, Office 365 Hosting, and Microsoft Exchange Consulting.

One thing that many clients struggle with, is designing, maintaining and hosting a high availability or HA Microsoft Exchange environment. Cloudstar can protect your Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox databases and the data they contain by configuring your mailbox servers and databases for high availability and site resilience as well as deploying database availability groups, and multiple client access servers.

Whether your’re interested in deploying native Microsoft HA service, or adding on third-party data replication, Cloudstar HA messaging consultants are here to help deploy or host a custom designed HA messaging solution that meets your specific needs.