Ensure Up-time Minutes After Cyber Attack, Ransomware, Virus, or Outage



Real Time Multi-Data Center Replication of Your Data- Down To The Keystroke



Replicate Your Onsite Servers to Our Cloud


Data Center to Data Center

Scheduled or Real Time Data Replication

A Solution for Every Need

Because a 10 person law firm does not have the same requirements as a 400 user financial institution, Cloudstar offers a wide variety of technologies and solutions for keeping your company online.  These range from simple cloud backup, to real time continuous server synchronization to one of more of our data centers.  HA Microsoft Exchange DAGs, Active Directory, & Linux are also available. Your requirements drive the process.

Physical to Virtual Protection

Cloudstar offers 100% images based DR solution for onsite physical servers which can be both scheduled or real time replicated to any of our 5 Cloudstar data centers. Recover time objectives can be as low as 5 minutes.  Additional options are available for protecting customer workstations for both PC & Mac.

Cloud to Cloud DR

Protect your existing VMware vSphere or Microsoft HyperV environments through scheduled or continuous image based replication to one of more of our 5 data centers strategically located throughout the United States.  Upon declaration of an emergency, your DR solution will present a carbon copy of your existing systems. Availability ranges anywhere from 3-10 minutes.

DR Simulation & Testing

As part of your internal policies and procedures, it may be necessary for you to document the testing of your DR plan.  We’re happy to help.  Most of our solutions have the ability to simulate a DR scenario so as to allow our clients to test accessing servers, software / applications, and data from their alternate data center.  This ensures the integrity of their data while not disrupting daily production.  Cloudstar also runs internal data integrity testing and DR monitoring to ensure replication jobs are always running properly.

Many people think that a disaster is simply restricted to hurricanes, floods and other weather-related events. Research has shown this is simply not the true. Ransomware, human errors, bad hardware along with other “disasters” account for the majority of costly downtime.


When a disaster strikes, businesses without a thorough disaster recovery system in place run the risk of losing more than just their valuable data. They can damage their customer’s loyalty and ultimately, do irreparable harm to their overall brand.


Cloudstar offers multiple options for our clients to choose from including Veeam Cloud Connect & Zerto Second Site.

Cloudstar Disaster Recovery

Get Your Backups Offsite to Cloudstar

With Cloud Connect for the Enterprise, it’s easy to get your backups off-site to Cloudstar. Instantly provision enterprise cloud backup repositories and automatically move on-premises Veeam powered backup archives to Cloudstar. This powerful combination of Cloudstar and Veeam provides enterprise customers with cost-effective Cloudstar storage plus the granular file-level recovery capabilities of Veeam.


  • Easily deploy Veeam-powered backups to either Cloudstar’s Denver, Colorado or Jacksonville, Florida availability zones. With a single server and in just 30 minutes, you can provision a trial version of Veeam Cloud Connect.


  • Quickly copy off-site backups to Cloudstar. Veeam’s modern backup architecture makes it easy to transfer enterprise backups to Cloudstar with forever-forward, incremental backups, as well as (grandfather-father-son) retention policies and built-in job copy functions.