Simple Delivery: Direct-to-Inbox Email Encryption



Guard Against Identify Theft, Hacking, and Wire Fraud



A Good Reputation Takes Years to Build, and One Data Breach to Destroy



Don't Risk Costly Law Suits, Fines, and Negative Publicity

Find Your Path to Secure Email

Compliance Based Email Security, Encryption & Retention for Financial, Legal, and Healthcare Transactions

Access Anywhere

In the office or on the road, users easily exchange secure e-mail with anyone, even those outside the organization network. Have the option of direct-to-inbox encrypted delivery, or access via secure portal. No software to download.  Super simple to use.

Mobile, Desktop, or Webmail

Encryption decisions made: Automatically. Intelligently. And transparently. Whether your users are office-based, or on the road sending, receiving, and sharing sensitive data is easy and secure.

100% Customizable

Easily adapts to your business’s specific needs, regardless of its size. As your business evolves, your encryption changes with you. Policies can be configured to scan email content, subject and attachments.  Manually encrypt or let the system automatically encrypt for you.

Audit Trail & Compliance

Protecting financial information isn’t option, it is the law.  Cloudstar email encryption ensures your in compliance with all email and data security regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, GLBH, CFPB, ALTA BP3, and more.  Compliance reports are available upon request as well as email audit trails and delivery reports.

It’s said, “no news is bad news.” Unless it’s a story of an email security lapse at your firm.


The media is littered with stories of the damage that a casual email slip up can cause. They come with financial and regulatory penalties and can ruin an otherwise spotless reputation.

Get AI-based Email Protection. Stop Phishing & Account Takeover

Detect and Stop Threats That Email Gateway’s Can’t.

Stop Inbound Spoofing

Automatically detect and prevent spear phishing attacks that evade traditional email security systems. The AI engine learns each organization’s unique communication patterns, and leverages these patterns to identify anomalies and quarantine spear phishing attacks in real-time.

Continuous Learning

Easily report false positives and missed attacks, which are used to retrain the AI classifiers. This enables the AI to continuously improve its precision and adapt its detection capabilities.

Identify Web-Based Attacks

Artificial Intelligence has been trained to recognize and automatically quarantine phishing emails that impersonate web services, such as Microsoft Outlook, Docusign, Dropbox. Additionally, AI can prevent web impersonations, even when they use deceptive characters or zero-day links.

Detect Employee Impersonation

Automatically quarantines Business Email Compromise attacks, by detecting anomalies in the email header, as well as the content of the email. The AI does not require any manual rules or user setup, and can detect any type of Business Email Compromise attack automatically from day one.

Prevent Zero Day Phishing

By discovering anomalous communication patterns, within the body of the email, the link or the email header, AI can stop zero-day phishing attacks that evade other email security systems. It can detect any type of zero-day phishing attack attacks, including links leading to a fake sign in page, as well as links to malicious websites.

Enhanced Email Deliverability

Ensure your employees, partners and customers receive your emails. Increase legitimate email deliverability, by ensuring that their emails pass email authentication.


Over 95% of Office 365 mailboxes harbor malicious emails that got past their email gateway. Discover email threats before your users do.