Linux & Open Source Solutions

Cyber Security has become the number one focus for many companies with open source solutions providing many of the answers.

To help our customers embrace this emerging trend, Cloudstar purchased open source focused cloud solution provider, Cloud Bunny in early 2020.

Cloud Bunny uses the latest in time-test open source technologies including operating systems, AI, machine learning, SIEM, IDS, DDoS protection, hardware and software to protect customer data. And because Cloud Bunny does not leverage high profile infrastructure targets such as Microsoft Azure, Google or Amazon Cloud, Cloud Bunny provides a low attack surface.

Areas of focus include open source hypervisors such as KVM / Promox, the hosting and management of BSD & Linux operating systems, secure Windows instances, application virtualization, WINE, and hybrid Microsoft / Linux environments for the delivery of open source & traditional Windows applications in secure containerized environments.

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