Intelligent Reporting for ResWare

Gain ultimate visibility into your title operations at either a high level, or filtered down into the granular specifics. Look deeper into your workflows, examine and better manage your internal and external resources, and manage delivery times and expectations.

Easy to read customer reports can be written for just about anything.  Popular reports include:

  • Abstractor SLA (time between search is ordered and delivered if they have those actions in ResWare)
  • Bills tracking
  • Receivables tracking
  • Settlement numbers (Money received by Title company only or all checks/wires cut/received etc)
  • Daily Actions completed by users
  • Daily Binders to be sent
  • Incoming emails by doc types (when abstractors reply with search packages they come back in as incoming email and the users need to change the doc type – sometimes this can cause delays in true SLA if they don’t get to them)
  • Pipeline reports (all orders until closing)
  • Anything that needs a turn time and there are actions in ResWare to back it up.


If you can dream it, we can built the necessary reports providing your business the intelligence it needs to maintain a competitive advantage.  Call us at 800-340-5780 to learn more, or visit our ResWare Consulting Page to learn more about our ResWare administration, workflow, and consulting services.

Cloudstar currently provides services to many title companies ranging from small shops up to large national underwriters using the ResWare platform.

ResWare SQL Reporting by Cloudstar