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Custom Cloud Hosting Solutions

Your tech – simplified.

Evolve your business with enterprise-class, purpose built technology solutions designed from the ground up to support your mission-critical applications.


Better, Faster, Dependable

Cloudstar works with your firm to implement a bespoke technology plan designed specifically for the unique needs of your company. From small businesses to the Fortune 500, our team has the skills and manpower to deliver the results required to take your company to the next level.


Limitless Proactive IT Support


Preventative Maintenance


Managed Security


Systems Monitoring


Managed Backups

Citrix Virtual Desktop

Extend the power of your Microsoft virtual desktop through the power and convenience of Citrix technology. Experience faster more secure connections with additional features and functionality.

PC / Desktop Support

Your computers are the backbone of your business. Whether you use Windows, Linux or Mac, our team can implement a proactive maintenance, monitoring and technical support program to keep your workstations running good as new.

Managed Office 365

Get the most out of Microsoft Office 365 with ono-on-one professional Microsoft Office Consulting Services from Cloudstar. We help organizations build a personal Office 365 collaborative toolset depending on their business specifics and collaboration requirements.

Secure By Design

Uncompromising Security

Every cloud project is designed with security as a top priority. Our engineers will articulate and implement a data integrity, data continuity, backup, and security plan that will help ensure the long term health of your hosted data. The following options are available:


Redundant Replication & Data Backup


Offline Cold Storage of High Value Data


Industry Leading Threat Monitoring & Response

Ransomware Protection

Cloudstar knows a thing or two about Ransomware. As threats continue to evolve, so must the tools for prevention, response, and remediation. If you’ve been affected by Ransomware, Cloudstar can help.

Threat Monitoring & Response

Prevention is the best medicine until the virus evolves faster than your technical immunity. Threat monitoring and response gives you the tools you need to respond in real time.

Email Encryption & Security

Safeguard the contents of your inbox against the latest cyber threats with AI and policy-based email encryption. Choose between automatic or manual encryption while we safeguard your inbox against via artificial intelligence.

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