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Active Directory

Your Active Directory hosts the keys to your corporate castle. Mismanagement can have catastrophic consequences for your business. Let us handle management and updates.

Set. Forget. Let Us Handle It.

Why Go Hosted?

Active Directory provides the foundation for access, security, and network management, and is an integral part to any IT security, risk management, and compliance strategy. Companies often lack the resources and procedures to keep the Active Directory environments up to date. This can lead to tactical decisions that create more problems, such outdated group policies that give inappropriate access to staff – or former employees.

Cloudstar is a leading Microsoft consulting firm with deep expertise in Active Directory. By allowing our Active Directory consultants to implement, fully utilize and maximize the capabilities within Windows Servers, your IT environment will realize improved security, easily manageable user accounts and groups, and increased operational efficiencies.

With cloud based active directory from Cloudstar, you will receive: multi-data center redundant hosting, a fully managed and monitored solution, the ability to recover quickly and efficiently, and certified engineers on call.

User Management

Cloudstar provides active directory user account management. By offloading your network administration to a qualified 24×7 cloud provider, new user accounts, emergency terminations, and other configurations will happen faster, and without worry. Our team adheres to regulatory compliance guidelines and change manage tracking to improving your overall security posture. Call us today at 800-340-5780 to learn more about how managed active directory will benefit your company.

Group Policy Configuration

Group Policy is a hierarchical infrastructure that allows a network administrator in charge of Microsoft’s Active Directory to implement specific configurations for users and computers. Group Policy can also be used to define user, security and networking policies at the machine level. By leveraging the power of Group Policy, Cloudstar engineers can further secure your company by specifically defining exactly what functions a user can, or cannot perform at a highly granular level.

Monitoring, Backup & Recovery

Who is monitoring your network? Active Directory as a Service customers receive 24×7 proactive domain health and security monitoring with an expert always on call. Cloudstar can build and manage a highly redundant active directory solution for your company. From instant server roll-backs to geographically diverse hosting locations, our customers rest assured their ability to work is never interrupted.

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