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Virtual Desktops

Reducing the number of onsite servers, and moving desktops to the Cloud is the #1 way to reduce cost while improving an organization’s security.

A Platinum Citrix Service Provider

Simple To Use

Is your desktop locked up inside the computer on the floor? What happens when it breaks? Or gets a virus? With hosted desktops from Cloudstar, we solve these problems and manage it for you. Simply logon to our website to access your virtual Windows desktop. Access to your apps, data and Windows desktop is available any time, any place on any device. PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, Android and all supported.


Securely Deploy Cloud Desktops


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IT Cost Savings

Safe & Secure

Recent studies show that security is the number one concern of corporate CIOs, and that the increase of computer hacking, cybercrime, and ransomware is costing American businesses billions of dollars a year. Citrix Cloud Desktops from Cloudstar secure your enterprise due to the many layers of security in place at our many datacenters. You can relax knowing that your desktop, apps, and data remain safe and protected against the latest threats./p>

Unrivaled Expert Support

As your trusted service partner, we understand the importance of good customer service which is why our support team is located inside the United States and is available to help 24×7. Each customer is provided with a dedicated account manager, and a single point of contact. Cloudstar operates two redundant call centers to ensure we’re always available to monitor your systems and serve our customers.

Reduce IT Overhead

Cost reduction, simplified management, fixed budgeting, centralization, and better security are the top five reasons many business are making the move to hosted desktops.This all boils down to a reduced IT overhead for business stakeholders because they are able to leverage the cloud providers economy of scale while getting back to focusing on their core business.

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